KORU Consulting facilitates companies in strategy formation and implementation of their sustainable or circular strategy, business model and market transformation.

Do you have an ambition to cretae a more sustainable business? Or would you like to explore what sustainable business could be developed for your organisation and products? We have developed various products and services to help the company on its way. From an inspiring presentation on what sustainability or circular economy means, a 1-day workshop on impact measurement to set up your organisation towards multiple value creation to a trajectory in which we guide your company and your sector or stakeholders for two years from a sustainable vision to a sustainable or circular company. Our services are always customised, focused on your sustainable future.
We use insights from both practice and theory, but distinguish ourselves in the hands on approach. No thick reports, but implementation in co-creation with your team and in practice.

The wisdom that the natives have about nature and our earth is very instructive. KORU means continuous renewal in Maori – the native New Zealand people, with the opening of a fern leaf every year. By making your organisation sustainable, you give substance to the possibility for nature to recover and at the same time form a future-proof organisation.