Who are we?

KORU Consulting is a network organisation that inspires practitioners with science and helps them with tools to shape sustainable transformations and the circular economy.

Founder of KORU is Diane Zandee, who during her time at Eneco experienced from the frontrunner position in the energy transition how a company can be transformed into an integrated sustainable organisation. Within Eneco, she worked in financial positions from 2005 to 2015 and in recent years as Procurement Director. After her time at Eneco, she worked as (interim) CFO

and entrepreneur in various companies from large (NS, Schiphol) to scale ups and startups.

Diane is connected to Nyenrode as a guest lecturer and (PhD) researcher. She has also formed a partnership with NewForesight to make more impact at the system transition level. On a project basis, KORU works on sustainable projects with other partners to accelerate sustainability and the circular economy. Among other things, with regard to developing a game and writing articles to give more insight into the circular economy and its financial challenges.

What customers say about our services and expertise:

“Diane is one of the leading subject matter experts in Circular Economy. She is exceptionally generous with her time, sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience to anyone who is passionate about the circular economy”

“Thanks for your interesting and interactive workshop. Nice to look at certain business models from a different mindset. With very positive evaluations from the participants”.