Step into my footstep in your journey to sustainability

KORU is Maori (New Zealand) and stands for the power of the fern, which rolls out its leaf a new one every year. For me this sign is a symbol of renewal and sustainability. Last week I already announced the new trade name of my company, KORU Consulting. Let me tell you a some more about my passion for New Zealand, its beautiful nature and how this country inspired me.

In 2006 I was in New Zealand for the first time together with my husband Albert. We have family there, so we feel warm connections to this country and its culture. Albert and I went for a hike on the famous Tongariro vulcano, a walk of about 7-8 hours. We left the bus at the starting point of the tour with bright skies and the bus driver pointed out the strong sun and advised us to put on sunblock. So we set off on our day hike in good spirits. After the first hour of walk, the weather changed. After the first few hours, the weather changed. We could no longer see the sun and its was raining cats and dogs. We walked through the snowy crater and my mountain boots filled up with water and I could hardly get them up out of the snow. I was cold, I could have cried from exhaustion, but we had to keep going. Like an angel from heaven, someone came walking beside us at a brisk pace. “Step into in my footstep”, she said. I couldn’t do much from fatigue, but gladly accepted her invitation. At a brisk pace, I walked in her footsteps through the crater of the volcano in the pouring rain. Just before the descent was to start, there was a mountain hut, crowded with other hikers eagerly seeking shelter for a few moments. Sitting still was not an option with soggy clothes, it would only get colder, so we started the 3-hour descent. Nature felt intense and was unpredictable, but beautiful and pure.

At the end of this trip, we reached the bus in time, within the 8 hours. Our ministering angel was one of the local guides from the village, who had seen the weather change and wanted to prevent tourists from getting lost on the volcano, which could be very dangerous. She was experienced, had walked the trail often and new what would be the best way forward.

With the start of KORU Consulting, I want to connect people with knowledge on sustainability and the circular economy and the less experienced ones. With the knowledge we have together I’m inviting them to step into my footsteps towards a more sustainable world. Let’s build circular business models and with respect for our beautiful nature. Will you walk with me?