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Sustainable and circular strategy

A sustainable company is aware of the stakeholders around it. In a broad sense, you are aware of the ecological and social impact you make. More and more companies are working on this and want to shape their sustainable strategy. When we look at the ecological impact, we focus on energy consumption, CO2 emissions and the consumption of raw materials. A future-proof company involves the entire chain and thus increases its influence and responsibility. A sustainable strategy also helps to include other chain partners in the vision and to look for a common basis to change current unsustainable behaviour or structure of the value chain. When we look at the social impact of a company, we look at topics such as human rights, fair pay, inclusion. These topics are not only applicable when raw materials are sourced globally, but also closer to home, where a company can have a major impact. The impact starts with awareness, a vision, setting the course and then action! Read the Client Case Sustainable Strategy here to find out more.

Internal decision making on people, planet & profit

Focusing on more values than just financial ones is called multiple value creation. It focuses on the stakeholders that are relevant to your business. We also call it integrated thinking or impact management. Companies that have shaped multiple value creation in the right way, experience an improvement in the cooperation with their stakeholders. Internally, cooperation has also improved and more focus has been applied to projects and what results are important. Do you also want to improve your internal steering towards multiple value creation? Read here a Client Case Impact Steering about what this can mean for your organisation.


Market transitions: guiding your organisation in co-creation with your stakeholders

The change to another sustainable way of working such as in the circular economy or energy transition knows fixed patterns. How can you take your organisation further, make an impact and shape the market transition of your company or possibly even sector? We guide you in this during a long-term trajectory (usually 2 years) in co-creation with your stakeholders, facilitate pilot projects and accelerate your joined learning in building a sustainable business. Read our Client case Market Transitions about our approach in a market transition and how you can go straight to your sustainable goal.

Inspirational presentations on Sustainability and Circular Economy

Diane Zandee, founder of KORU Consulting, is lecturer at Nyenrode Business University. Diane knows how to inspire groups from an academic perspective and frames them with many practical examples. At your company and client meetings and seminars, Diane brings sustainability closer to every target group.