KORU: a new name – a clear mission

A new focus, a new start. I am proud that I introduce you KORU Consulting as my new trade name. KORU is Maori (native New Zealand people) and represents continuous renewal and a balanced universe. It fits my mission to realise renewal in our raw material flows and balanced nature. Creating more sustainable businesses requires continuous renewal from ourselves as well. With a sustainable or circular strategy, we must reinvent our companies, together with our place in the value chain and the positioning of our chain partners.

A look back at my personal journey in recent years. After leaving Eneco in 2015, I started my company FinChain Consulting. It gave me freedom to have my own company to make choices that suited the quest I had embraced on connecting finance (fin) and the sustainable value chain (chain). In 2018, I continued my search in starting a PhD at Nyenrode Business University. An inspiring and  great choice, in which I met wonderful people and where I reinvented my self to connect finance with the sustainable value chain as well. A few months ago, I set aside my financial role as CFO to explore this mission as an expert in this new field. In order to guide more companies on their journey towards a circular economy. With that choice comes a new name.

In recent weeks, I was invited by Monash University in Melbourne Australia to lecture on the circular economy and to inspire businesses to also take steps in this challenging sustainable journey. Walking through the rainforests of Australia reminded me of New Zealand – where I have holidayed twice before – and felt the love of nature in that beautiful country with authentic forests. I wish more nature can be retained by replacing our current say of working by more sustainable ones. Let’s renew ourselves and learn from nature.